Lower Bodylift in Paris

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the field of body contouring surgery and more specifically the lower body lift.

Significant and rapid weight loss leads to major body changes and excess skin.

The lower body lift corrects the abdomen, hips and buttocks in the same operation. It allows to find a flat stomach, smooth, with a refined waist, and shapely buttocks.

The body lift is a heavy surgical procedure, but it allows to obtain a result that is difficult to obtain by other surgical techniques. It is mainly intended for patients who have lost a lot of weight, either through dieting or after bariatric surgery (obesity surgery).

What is the Lower Body Lift?

The lower body lift combines abdominoplasty, buttock lift, extensive liposuction and in some cases autologous buttock augmentation, buttock lipofilling ( BBL) and treatment of abdominal muscle diastasis.

The scar is circular (goes around the body). It is placed in such a way as to be hidden by the underwear. The abdominal wall is lifted from the pubis to the sternum, in order to obtain optimal tension. The umbilicus is removed and repositioned once the skin is tightened. This is combined with liposuction of the flanks (“love handles”) to refine the waistline, and depending on the case, a diastasis cure (correction of the spread of the abdominal wall muscles giving a round belly appearance).

Excess lateral and posterior skin is removed, and in case of insufficient buttock volume, fat flaps are transposed ( LP Flap) into the buttocks to regain a satisfactory shape. We can also increase the volume of the buttocks by buttock lipofilling.

Lower Bodylift: coverage

Under certain conditions evaluated during the consultation, this surgery can be partially covered by the Health Insurance. The non-exhaustive but essential criteria for coverage are:
  • A significant weight loss or bariatric surgery
  • A ptosis of the abdominal apron covering the pubis
  • A gluteal ptosis
  • A circular skin excess
  • A weight stabilized for more than 3 months
  • A BMI ( body mass index) < 32

Preoperative recommendation

It is mandatory to stop smoking before any surgery (at least 1 month before). No anti-coagulant or anti-inflammatory treatment should be taken in the days preceding the operation.

Hospital stay: 3-4 nights Procedure time: 4-6 hours Anesthesia: general anesthesia Post-operative recovery: 7 to 14 days Returning to social life: 3 weeks Returning to strenuous physical activity: 8 weeks

Details of the intervention

The first consultation

You will be able to explain your request to Dr. Gianfermi, who, after a detailed clinical examination, will explain the possible options, taking into account your wishes and your morphology, in order to propose a “made-to-measure” project that meets your expectations.

At the end of this first consultation, you will be given the information sheet concerning your procedure as well as a detailed estimate.

A 15-day reflection period is mandatory before any cosmetic surgery procedure.


The second consultation

You will be able to ask all the necessary questions and make a date for the procedure. You will then sign an informed consent.

All that will remain is for you to make an appointment with the anesthesiologist whose contact information will be provided to you.


Follow-up of the intervention

The postoperative course is generally simple.

The first few days after the operation are usually marked by swelling, bruising and pain (especially in the case of an associated diastasis treatment) which will be relieved by the painkillers prescribed. You will feel more discomfort than pain during the first 15 days, when sitting at 90° should be avoided.

In order to prevent thrombo-embolic risks, an anticoagulant treatment will be prescribed for a period of 15 days.

A support panty will be worn permanently for 1 month, then 1 month during the day only.

An interruption of 4 weeks of professional activity is to be expected, depending on the type of activity.

An interruption of sports activities of 6 to 8 weeks is to be expected, depending on the type of activity.

As for the scars, it is recommended to massage them with a suitable cream to improve their suppleness. Avoidance of the sun is necessary for the first month, then protection with a sun block is strongly recommended for 1 year.

A subsequent pregnancy is possible, but strongly discouraged (alteration of the aesthetic result).


Before and after pictures

Bodylift (Avant) Bodylift (Après)

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in case of significant weight changes or a new pregnancy.
Yes, but the new pregnancy can distend the skin again.
Yes, but during the immediate postoperative period of 3 months, the stomach and buttocks are sensitive and there may be discomfort during intense efforts.

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