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Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the field of cosmetic face lift surgery in Paris.

Refresh or transform your face with a minimum of incisions

As you age, your face loses volume while your neck develops excess skin and muscle bands.

Most plastic surgeons treat aging of the face and neck with a traditional facelift, which can result in visible scarring in front of the ears, shortening of the legs, and distortion of the ear anatomy. In addition, traditional facelift separates the skin from the fat and removes the fat and muscle tissue.

This will devascularize the skin and traumatize the fat, which could make you look unnatural or even older. Dr. Gianfermi, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has developed revolutionary approaches to refresh or transform your face with minimal incisions while preserving the natural blood supply to the skin and facial tissues. Dr. Gianfermi’s technique uses innovative sculpting and sculpting practices on the face and neck to help you achieve a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Face lift

By Dr. Gianfermi

Instead of making large, visible incisions in front of the ears or behind the tragus and along the hairline for the affected patient, Dr. Gianfermi only makes minor incisions hidden behind the ears and in the hair.

Traditional facelifts disrupt the normal blood vessels that feed the skin, which may shorten the life span of the results. Dr. Gianfermi holds the skin and fat layers together, so they remain healthy and vascularized (supplied with oxygen) for youthful, vital-looking skin after surgery.

In addition, with the addition of fat and its regenerative effects, the results are long-lasting.

Dr. Gianfermi uses strong, highly purified regenerative fat cells to further enhance the results of his youthful contouring, preserving fat survival and preventing the gaunt, hollowed appearance that sometimes appears after a traditional lift.
With minimal incisions, there is no distortion of the hairline or natural anatomy of the ear.
L’incision traditionnelle du lifting du cou se fait devant l’oreille ou derrière le tragus, ce qui peut tirer le tragus vers l’avant, entraînant l’aplatissement de la dépression naturelle devant le tragus. Les techniques du D.Gianfermi évitent de toucher le tragus.
A traditional brow lift is much more invasive and can result in hair loss, loss of scalp sensation, and can lead to a “surprised” look. The D.Gianfermi technique involves turning and shaping the eyebrows to create a more beautiful and natural look.
Dr. Gianfermi focuses on improving the shape of your face, not tightening and stretching the skin.

Procedure details

Non-excision eyelid lift

Dr. Gianfermi’s eyelid lift technique lifts and sculpts the eyebrows and upper eyelid skin without removing excess tissue.

Dr. Gianfermi uses sutures to shape the brows and injects healthy, regenerative fat. It also weakens the puckering muscles for a permanent Botox and tightens the skin around the eyes with lasers.


Some individuals have always been naturally beautiful and want to refresh their appearance to recover their natural beauty and youth.

Other individuals have never been satisfied with their appearance and want to transform their look to be as beautiful as possible.

If you want to transform your appearance, Dr. Gianfermi can help you achieve your goals.

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