Skin tumors

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors in Paris

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed malignant tumor in France. The three most common types of skin cancer seen in dermatology offices are:

  • The basal cell carcinoma
  • The squamous cell carcinoma
  • and melanoma.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common, but fortunately, the least problematic.

Basal cell carcinomas rarely, if ever, metastasize. In contrast, squamous cell carcinoma is more concerning because it has the ability to metastasize to other organs in the body if left untreated.

Finally, melanoma is the most concerning of the three malignancies because it often gives little indication that it exists before metastasis.

The vast majority of skin cancers are attributable to excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the form of sun and tanning beds. All of these cancers have an excellent prognosis if detected early enough. The treatment usually involves removing the skin cancer under local anesthesia or on an outpatient basis.

Diagnosis of skin cancer

Dr. Gianfermi and Dr. Garat use two advanced techniques to detect skin cancer in its early stages.

One of these methods is called “video-dermatoscopy” which uses special optical conditions to shine light inside the skin to observe characteristics of lesions that are not visible to the naked eye, thus allowing for early detection of skin cancers or pre-cancerous lesions and early treatment.

Dr. Gianfermi and Dr. Garat also have the ability to use computer-assisted high-definition total body mapping of moles (or nevi). With this computer-assisted whole-body photography system, the physician is able to perform lesion comparisons at varying time intervals. The computer’s artificial intelligence assists by evaluating each lesion and highlighting new lesions or those that have changed significantly over time.

In order to prevent possible skin cancer, the medical association recommends that patients have a complete skin examination at least once a year.

Early diagnosis is the best way to prevent any type of cancerIn dermatology, patients have the opportunity to be treated by an experienced and qualified dermatologist using the latest diagnostic technologies and techniques.

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Early detection of skin cancers offers better chances of cure, especially in the case of cutaneous melanomas.

In France, there is no organized screening program for skin cancers. Their early detection therefore relies either on your doctor’s initiative, or on yours if you have spotted a potentially suspicious lesion (wound that does not heal, pimple or scab that persists or evolves, brown “spot”), or a mole “different from the others”.

On average, 100,000 skin cancers are diagnosed each year.

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