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Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the field of aesthetic medicine including hyaluronic acid injection.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in skin tissue. it participates in deep hydration by maintaining the water present in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is also a molecule widely used in care creams for its hydrating and smoothing effects. However, hyaluronic acid does not then penetrate deeply and its action then remains very limited.

Hyaluronic acid is also a synthetic product, manufactured by biotechnology processes. It allows:

  • Fill in wrinkles
  • Restore volume
  • To deeply moisturize the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is the most widely used dermal filler in the world, is biodegradable, non-allergenic, and does not require allergy testing before injection.

Who is the hyaluronic acid injection for?

The hyaluronic acid is for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of the skin, treat a wrinkle or furrow, or restore facial harmony by playing with the volumes of the various anatomical areas of the face.

The hyaluronic acid-based gels are more or less reticulated (dense).

The choice of the hyaluronic acid gel injected is made according to the area to be treated, the anatomical characteristics of each patient and the expected results.

Depending on the viscosity of the gel and its cross-linking process as well as the size of the hyaluronic acid particles, it is possible to :

Filling a furrow or a wrinkle
– Nasolabial fold: wrinkle starting from the wing of the nose and going down to the corner of the mouth. There is a staging that guides us to propose a suitable treatment.
– The bitterness fold: from the corner of the lip and down to the jaw;
– The lion’s wrinkle (between the eyebrows): when the lion’s wrinkle is very deep, we first inject botulinum toxin which decreases muscle contraction. Fifteen days later, it is possible to complete the result with a filling with hyaluronic acid.

The first signs of skin aging, small depressions appear on the skin.

They are called “fine lines” from the age of twenty-five, followed by wrinkles which are a more pronounced and difficult to treat version.

These fine lines can be faded with a fluid Hyaluronic acid.

Regarding fine lines around the mouth: contrary to popular belief, it is possible to smooth this area without excess for a natural result.

The blanching techniques are perfectly adapted to these indications. For this, Dr. Gianfermi uses a range of hyaluronic acid that allows for injection into the dermis without side effects.

Lip plumping: it is possible to draw them or give them more volume when they are very thin. The aging of the lips leads to a loss of volume and of their design. A fine analysis allows to treat precisely the areas affected by aging or simply to embellish the lips. The use of different hyaluronic acid gel according to the patient’s request or corrections to be made is a guarantee of aesthetic and natural results.
Volumes can also be restored to the temples, cheeks, zygomatic arch or malar area.

Marked dark circles are either constitutional, for example for patients from the Mediterranean region, or secondary to aging. Indeed, with time we lose cheek fat volumes and the bony rim of the eye becomes more visible. At the same time, the fat under the skin of the eyelid becomes thinner and allows the subcutaneous vein network to appear. This is when the dark circles become bluer.

The use of a volumizing hyaluronic acid associated with a second dedicated to the circle or with the surgical technique of lipofilling allows for treatment of both of these components of a visible dark circle.

Grâce aux propriétés d’hydratation profonde des boosters cutanés avec la technique du mésolift.

L’acide hyaluronique utilisé est très peu réticulé, il n’y a donc pas d’effet volumateur, seulement un fort pouvoir hydratant associé à un coup d’éclat et une réactivation des cellules cutanées productrices de collagène.

Patient review

Hanna Bensemhoun

Operated by Dr. Gianfermi, I am infinitely grateful for the exceptional work he did on me. He knew how to listen to me and to identify my needs with precision. The result is natural and far exceeds my expectations. Thanks also to Betty, his great assistant, for her reassuring presence after the operation and her professionalism. They are both wonderful people. I don't have the words to express my gratitude to them... Thank you for everything.

Procedure for an injection of Hyaluronic acid

Details of the injection

Before the injection

Hyaluronic acid naturally contains a local anesthetic, so there is no need to apply an anesthetic cream before the injection except for the lips.

In addition, the use of very fine needles or micro-cannulas (long, thin, round-tipped device), is not very traumatic and therefore not very painful

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, hyaluronic acid cannot be injected if you have an autoimmune disease or if you have had injections of non-degradable products in the area to be treated.

Yes, it is best to avoid taking medications that cause bruising (aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs).

If the area to be injected is subject to herpes outbreaks (e.g. injection in the lips), it is prudent to take an anti-herpes treatment in the 48 hours preceding the injection and the 3 days following.

Yes, after a hyaluronic acid injection you should avoid sauna or steam room in the week that follows. And a facial massage should be postponed for 15 days.

No, the injections have become virtually painless thanks to the presence of an anesthetic in the syringe and the use of micro-cannulas.

Yes and no: it all depends on the indications. If several areas are to be treated, a schedule of appointments is established by the doctor. In case of skin boosters injections to plump the skin, 2 to 3 sessions are necessary, spaced 15 days to 3 weeks apart.

No, Dr. Gianfermi says that hyaluronic acid injection can be performed in any season. However, sun exposure immediately after the session should be avoided.

Yes, we’ll avoid the sauna and steam room for the next week.

On average, Dr. Gianfermi says that to maintain the results achieved, a repeat hyaluronic acid injection is required once a year.

Yes, one can rework immediately after a hyaluronic acid injection; however, a bruise is still possible but it can be masked with a complexion corrector.

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