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Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the field of cosmetic surgery and hip Lipofilling in Paris.

The volume of the buttocks can be increased by grafting the patient’s own fat cells: this is buttock lipofilling with autologous fat.


Some patients have a complex about the absence of volume in the buttocks or flat buttocks. This can be the cause of complexes that interfere with social and personal life. Both men and women can be concerned.

The lack of buttock volume can be constitutional or be caused by significant weight loss. It is possible to have surgery to bring volume to the buttocks.

Depending on the case, you will be offered one or more combined techniques to achieve buttock augmentation.


The lipofilling is a technique widely used in various areas of plastic surgery (including breast surgery).

Lipofilling allows for natural volume increases, without foreign bodies and evolving in the same way as weight changes.
The technique of lipofilling is as follows:

The fat is taken from the classic liposuction sites (abdomen, lower back, thighs…). The removed fat is then processed to keep only the fat cells (or adipocytes). The blood and liquid fat are thus eliminated.

The fat cells are then injected into the buttocks.

This phase requires special care because there is a risk of injecting the fat into the large blood vessels of the buttocks, which can be extremely dangerous.
The cells thus transferred to the buttock will implant themselves (this is a graft) and behave like fat cells of the buttock.

However, it is important to know that the quantity of injectable fat is limited because there is a risk of rejection of the grafts.

Moreover, not all the injected cells survive: it is estimated that 30 to 50% of the injected cells will be eliminated in the aftermath of buttock lipofilling.

It is therefore possible to have to repeat the lipofilling until the desired volume is obtained.

What are the indications for buttock augmentation by lipofilling?

Buttock augmentation by lipofilling is proposed to patients who wish to increase the volume of their buttocks and who have areas of the body that can be liposuctioned (lower back, saddlebags, abdomen for example).


The first consultation
The first consultation is the opportunity to establish the indication for buttock augmentation by lipofilling: Dr. Gianfermi will evaluate the areas that can be harvested in fat by liposuction and the amount necessary to obtain a result. It will also be necessary to evaluate the amount of skin in the buttocks.
If there is excess skin on the buttocks, a buttock skin lift by lower body lift will need to be considered.
Oral and written information will be given to you.

At the end of the consultation, a detailed estimate will be given to you.
The second consultation
The second consultation allows us to ask additional questions and schedule an operative date after collecting your written consent.
Preoperative photographs are taken.
You will be given a prescription for a preoperative blood test, compression stockings and a postoperative compression panty.
Course of the intervention
Buttock lipofilling is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure lasts 2 to 3 hourss depending on the extent of the surgical procedure.
Markings of the operated areas are made before the operation in a standing position. After doing the liposuction, the removed fat is prepared and then reinjected into the buttocks according to a rigorous technique. The scars are multiple but all less than 7 mm and positioned so as to be discreet at term.
Sutures are made with very fine absorbable suture. It is possible at this stage to treat the scars with laser to optimize your healing and obtain the finest scars possible.
Continuation of the intervention
Once back home, simple scar dressing care is prescribed as well as anticoagulant injections for 10 days.

Compression stockings will be worn for 10 days and the panty for a total of two months (one month day and night and then one month during the day).
Bruising on the liposuctioned areas and on the buttocks is common and fades in two to three weeks. Edema also appears on all the operated areas and will take several weeks to resolve.

Pain is soothed by painkillers prescribed after the operation. It is common to experience a transient decrease in sensitivity of the operated areas. Sensitivity normalizes after several months.

Resumption of lightly physical professional activity is possible from the end of the first week.
Bathing and swimming are forbidden during the first month.
Sports are not recommended during the first two months.
Long term continuation of the lipofilling of the buttocks
Edema in the liposuctioned areas and buttocks disappears in 3 to 4 months.
The skin retracts in the liposuctioned areas in several weeks.
The skin recovers its sensitivity and flexibility beyond four to six months.
Scars are initially visible and red for the first six months and then fade after one year.
It is recommended that scars not be exposed to the sun for the first year.
Result of the lipofilling of the buttocks
Buttock lipofilling has a double advantage: it allows the slimming of thicker areas of the body and restores volume to flat buttocks.
The immediate result is not representative of the final result.
It is necessary to be patient so that the skin positions itself, that the oedema is completely resorbed.
The final volume of the buttocks can be estimated between 4 and 6 months.
A decision can then be made for one or more additional buttock lipofilling sessions if needed.

Lipofilling harmonizes the curves of the silhouette by attenuating curves and projecting the profile of the buttocks.

It is a perennial procedure over time in the absence of weight variation. Buttock lipofilling provides great satisfaction. There is an improvement in self-image and the perception of loved ones.

Frequently asked questions

It is strongly recommended to stop smoking one month before the buttock lipofilling.

Do not take aspirin the week before the operation.

Any anticoagulant medication that may increase bleeding during the operation should be reported. You must take oral iron supplements if your preoperative check-up shows anemia.

Buttock lipofilling is not covered by social security. It is an act of cosmetic surgery, totally at your expense. A detailed estimate will be given to you at the end of the first consultation.

The price of buttock lipofilling depends on the extent of the work to be done.

A personalized estimate will be given to you during the consultation.

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