Automated Screening with Fotofinder

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi and Dr Garat use the latest fotofinder technology for screening.

Automated screening with fotoFinder

Whole skin diagnosis for early detection of skin cancer

Dr. Gianfermi’s and Dr Garat’s FotoFinder helps you document over time the skin and various melanin spots and recognize, as early as possible, pathological alterations. This can sometimes save lives.

This cutting-edge Total Body Mapping automated technology is based on the “two-step digital evolution control method,” a combination of whole-body photography and dermatoscopy recommended by opinion leaders worldwide for screening at-risk patients.

Excellence & Artificial Intelligence

ATBM - state-of-the-art technology like no other

The ATBM technique is chosen by Dr. Gianfermi and Dr Garat. Based on the “two-step method” for digital tracking, it intelligently combines whole body photography and digital dermoscopy.

ATBM is the only automated polarized light whole body mapping system that documents AND analyzes the entire body surface in minutes. The cross-polarized light whole body photos provide remarkable “macrodermoscopic” information on the structure of individual lesions.

The unique “Bodyscan” helps you detect new and evolved nevi quickly and automatically. The Moleanalyzer software gives a malignancy score on each individual nevus.

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Bodyscan master with Mosaic View

The Bodyscan master identifies new and altered skin lesions, extracts melanin spot icons in the overall body photo, and ranks them according to relevance

True video dermatoscopy with CrystalView technology

Full HD video camera medicam 1000s seamlessly integrated with live optical zoom and variable magnification

Really mobile ATBM tower

Turnkey ATBM tower installed, truly mobile, with high quality, high performance FotoFinder hardware.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI score of the Moleanalyzer pro supports analysis and risk assessment of skin lesions. ATBM master further integrates this technology to optimize total body dermatoscopy results.

Very high resolution images with PolFlash XE

The ATBM master procedure provides very high resolution, polarized, RAW-processed images.  The PolFlash XE computer-controlled xenon flash enables both cross-polarized medical imaging and studio lighting for aesthetics.

Ultra-fast and delegable imaging procedure

The ATBM master is equipped with the best processing unit we have ever built.  The process is extremely fast, intuitive and delegable.

Fotofinder the reference for global imaging

Artificial intelligence for lesion assessment

Dr. Gianfermi and Dr Garat are using the new ATBM master that makes whole body dermatoscopy possible for the first time. The combination of the “whole skin” imaging procedure with artificial intelligence and new software features for lesion visualization will improve diagnostic accuracy.

FotoFinder Bodyscan

New and changed lesions detected at a glance

Dr. Gianfermi’s and Dr Garat Bodyscan ATBM has redefined the comparison of before and after photos. The expert system, integrated and fully automatic, detects new lesions and those that have evolved, as soon as the photos are taken. The results are immediately available, and the diagnosis is simply more reliable.


Get aDiagnosis

Early detection of skin cancers offers better chances of cure, especially in the case of cutaneous melanomas.

In France, there is no organized screening program for skin cancers. Their early detection therefore relies either on your doctor’s initiative, or on yours if you have spotted a potentially suspicious lesion (wound that does not heal, pimple or scab that persists or evolves, brown “spot”), or a mole “different from the others”.

On average, 100,000 skin cancers are diagnosed each year.

Testimony of Dr. Gianfermi

About FotoFinder, Interview conducted in Paris, France

I think the ATBM bodystudio from FotoFinder has the potential to change the way we do digital monitoring. Typically, we select lesions with a manual dermatoscope and then image and monitor them. The potential I see in this machine is that instead of focusing on a single lesion,I look at the whole body and then do the side-by-side comparison because I don’t need to go further into the morphology of an individual globule.

I need to know if a lesion is evolving symmetrically or asymmetrically and that’s the information I get with whole-body photography in polarized light.

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