Treatment by medical led

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi offers the latest in medical LED treatment technology.

LED photomodulation

A natural, painless technique with no side effects.

LED is used for facial care (complexion radiance, pore tightening, treatment of fine lines, skin densification, anti-aging prevention, acne …), body care (skin quality, detoxification, toning …), treatment of stretch marks and treatment of scars.

Cosmetic LED

The LED are soft lights used in aesthetics for facials and for body care but also in more therapeutic aesthetics for the treatment of stretch marks and the treatment of scars.
This process is called Chromo Cellular Stimulation. LED activates cellular metabolism, quickly leads to improved oxygenation, function and tissue defenses in a natural way.

Medical LED

Skin effects

Non-cutaneous effects

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Can LED be used to treat scars?

Photomodulation can treat several types of scars:

Frequently asked questions

After a complete face makeup removal, Dr. Gianfermi protects your eyes with protective eyewear.

The LED will subsequently be positioned between 8 and 20 cm from your skin.

The duration of the session varies from 15 to 30 minutes, the intensity and color of the light varies with each type of treatment.

LED treatment is completely painless. There is only a rather pleasant sensation of diffuse heat.

Our LEDs are guaranteed UV-free. Unlike laser or other more invasive treatments, no special precautions are required. There are no precautions to be taken in relation to sun exposure.

The energy delivered only causes a slight redness that disappears after a few hours. You can therefore resume normal activity as soon as you leave your session.

There are no contraindications for an LED photomodulation session. All skin tones and types can benefit from LED: Sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, recent or old scars…

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