Breast lipofilling in Paris

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the field of cosmetic breast surgery and more specifically in Breast Lipofilling in Paris.


Why lipofilling?

Sagging and deflated breasts can contribute to an aged appearance.

Pregnancy and aging can cause your breasts to lose their attractive, youthful appearance.

Many women have difficulty accepting changes in their breasts, especially the loss of shape and lack of volume.

Many women have breasts that still have adequate volume but are simply sagging downward.

Breast lift surgery tightens and supports sagging breast tissue to achieve firmer, more youthful breasts.

Breast lipofilling: how it works

Breast lipofilling is a true revolution in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive breast augmentation.

It allows, by reinjecting the patient’s own fat, to obtain a natural breast augmentation, without scars, and without foreign bodies (and therefore without complications related to breast implants).

In addition to this, the patient benefits from liposuction of the areas of excess fat. This is a real breakthrough in cosmetic breast surgery for any plastic surgeon.

Breast lipofilling, for whom?

Women who request breast lift are healthy and have realistic expectations of possible outcomes.

Ideal breast lift patients have satisfactory breast volume but weakened breast tissue.

Tissue laxity can be the result of pregnancy, weight loss, or the natural aging process. Women who need a breast lift may have stage two, or more, of ptosis (sagging).

Normal breast tissue, without sagging. The lower breast tissue is above the breast fold and the nipple is directed outward.

Slight laxity and sagging of the skin. The lower breast tissue rests on the breast fold and the nipple is directed outward.
Moderate skin laxity and sagging. The lower breast tissue is below the breast fold and the nipple has begun to sag downward.
Severe skin laxity and looseness. The lower breast tissue is clearly below the breast fold and the nipple is directed downwards.

Before / After Pictures

Lipofilling Seins (Avant) Lipofilling Seins (Après)

Patient Review

Hanna Bensemhoun

Operated by Dr. Gianfermi, I am infinitely grateful for the exceptional work he did on me. He knew how to listen to me and to identify my needs with precision. The result is natural and far exceeds my expectations. Thanks also to Betty, his great assistant, for her reassuring presence after the operation and her professionalism. They are both wonderful people. I don't have the words to express my gratitude to them... Thank you for everything.

Techniques used for
breast lipofilling

Dr. Gianfermi is renowned for his breast lift incision techniques that leave little to no scarring. 

Incision placement and closure play an important role in determining how natural your breast lift results will be.

Details of the procedure

Circumareolar mastopexy

Dr. Gianfermi prefers this incision technique because it allows him to better control the scar that develops.

Dr. Gianfermi makes an incision around the colored edge of the areola, which allows access to the breast tissue. Although other surgeons perform this technique, they often have many problems, including scarring, flattening of the breast mass, wrinkling of the skin around the areola, being able to move the nipple/areola complex only up to two centimeters, and not being able to accomplish much of the breast lift.

With his patience and meticulous work, Dr. Gianfermi can achieve a near-perfect result, including :

  • No visible scars
  • No wrinkling of the skin around the areola
  • Maintaining the roundness of the areola
  • Control of the shape of the breast protuberance
  • Capable of moving the nipple/areolar complex up to eight centimeters

Improve the appearance of the Areola

In addition to the full shape of the breasts, the shape and placement of the areola helps create a natural breast appearance. Dr. Gianfermi’s incision techniques allow him to control the shape of the areola.

During surgery, an areola reduction can be performed to improve the size of the areola.

For patients who are not satisfied with having a scar along the edge of the areola, Dr. Gianfermi offers areola tattooing to hide the scars. Dr. Gianfermi’s goal is to achieve a beautiful, natural look to the breast and long-lasting results.

Combine an augmentation with your facelift

A breast augmentation combined with a breast lift can restore fullness and strengthen the breast tissue in a single procedure. The combination of breast implants and your breast lift requires specialized skills. 

Dr. Gianfermi takes great care to balance tissue removal and implant size. The current size of your breasts compared to the desired implant size will affect the amount of tissue removed during your breast lift.

Dr. Gianfermi’s expert eye and attention to detail allow him to create a new breast appearance that looks natural.

Frequently asked questions

  • The volume of injectable fat depends on the available fat reserve. Some very thin patients do not have enough fat for a breast lipofilling session. Dr. Gianfermi will evaluate with you clinically the potential amount of harvestable fat.
  • It is still an autograft, and therefore an unpredictable amount of fat resorbs in the body. At 3 months, we therefore sometimes have a result reduced by half compared to the immediate result after the procedure.
  • Lipomodelling is only suitable for moderate breast augmentation.
  • A second session of lipofilling may be indicated, and even necessary if the patient wants a significant breast augmentation equivalent to an implant (300cc).
  • The final breast size can hardly be predicted. Thus, if the patient desires a large breast augmentation, a breast implant will be preferred to a lipofilling.
  • In breast and thoracic malformations or deformities, fat transfers can be useful (Poland syndrome, breast aplasia and breast hypoplasia, tuberous breasts, pectus excavatum).
  • In breast reconstruction after breast cancer, it plays a prominent role.
Any fat gained after 3 months is considered to be permanently gained, as the breast evolves with weight changes.

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