Thigh Liposuction

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi is a leading specialist surgeon in the field of cosmetic surgery and Thigh liposuction.

Thigh liposuction removes excess fat from the thighs in a circular fashion. This operation gives a harmonious and definitive result and reshapes your figure.

Thigh liposuction: Which technique ?

Liposuction allows you to reshape your thighs. The result obtained is then in harmony with the rest of your figure. Liposuction is in no way a way to significantly reduce your weight.

It is thus a procedure that allows you to get rid of stubborn fat that resists dieting or regular exercise.

Thus, thigh liposuction allows you to treat the inner and outer sides of your thighs, but also the front and back sides.

The soft liposuction is recommended when the skin of the thighs is fragile to avoid a “corrugated sheet” effect or when the fat mass is not very voluminous and does not require major surgery.

What are the indications for thigh liposuction?

The best indication for liposuction of the thighs is a localized fat surplus, resistant despite the practice of sports, with a skin of excellent quality.

Warning, this is not a technique to lose weight!

Before proceeding with liposuction, your surgeon will make sure that you are not significantly overweight and that your weight is stable over time.

Indeed, even if a liposuctioned area does not gain much weight, a weight gain will cause you to lose all the benefit of the procedure.

What are the results of thigh liposuction?

The final evaluation of the liposuction of the thighs is done after one year when the edema has disappeared, the skin has retracted and has regained its sensitivity and flexibility. The refinement of the operated area can be measured in centimeters.

Photographs taken pre- and postoperatively are essential for an objective evaluation of the result.

In the absence of significant weight gain, you will appreciate the benefits of liposuction for life.


Patient Review

Jennifer Gallucci

Very good surgeon, operated on 23 /10/2019 I am delighted with the result. A big thank you to him. I recommend Doctor Gianfermi. A very good follow-up with his assistant Betty, an availability day and night. A lovely woman who always answered my fears and my many questions. Two wonderful people.

How is thigh liposuction performed?

Thigh Lipoaspiration is a surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia.

Multiple incisions of less than 7 mm are made to provide even thigh liposuction. Whenever possible, they are arranged to be discreet.

The incisions are closed at the end of the procedure with thin, sometimes absorbable sutures.

Liposuction of the thighs takes between one and two hours.

At the end of the thigh liposuction procedure, a compression garment is put in place to reduce the bruising and swelling (or edema) that occurs in the days following thigh liposuction.

What are the after-effects of thigh surgery?

Liposuction of the thighs can be painful. Your surgeon will prescribe you appropriate painkillers.

It is important, in the first few days, to take these painkillers systematically, and then only in case of pain.

The bruises will disappear after fifteen days, while the swelling will fade after several weeks.

It is important to wait at least 6 months before having the result of liposuction. This result continues to refine over time.

Frequently asked questions

Complications of thigh liposuction are rare and not very serious:
  • Bruising is very common after liposuction and resolves within a couple of weeks. Often the bruising is very impressive but no future consequences.
  • Oedema (swelling) of the liposuctioned areas appears in the days that follow and lasts for several weeks.The compressive garment helps limit it. The edema drains over several months.

Liposuction is an act of cosmetic surgery not covered by social security. All costs related to the preoperative preparation(consultations, examinations, compression garments), to the procedure (stay fee, practitioner fees and VAT) as well as the postoperative care are at your expense.

Your surgeon will draw up a detailed estimate depending on the extent of the planned surgery.

The price of a Thigh Liposuction depends on the extent of the work to be done. A personalized estimate will be given to you during the consultation.

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