Breast reduction

Many women complain about the size of their breasts without ever daring to take the step of surgery, Breast Reduction is however a well-adjusted, painless and quick surgery.

It causes a change in the quality of life and a very important benefit for women with large breasts.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction for whom?

Many women desire large, shapely breasts. 

However, many women have breasts that are too large, bulky and cause chronic pain. 

In many cases, the breasts are disproportionate to the natural size of the body. If you have oversized breasts, you may suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as well as emotional discomfort

Dr. Gianfermi’s breast reduction technique is designed to remove excess breast tissue and reshape the breasts to achieve natural-looking, lifted breasts that are proportionate to your body type.

Breast reduction recommendations

Ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are healthy and have realistic expectations of their results.

Women who seek breast reduction surgery have breasts that are too large and disproportionate to the rest of their body.

They often have excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin. The bulky nature of their breasts can cause one or more of the following problems:

Before/After Pictures

Réduction 1 (Avant) Réduction 1 (Après)

Before/After Pictures

Mastopexie (Avant) Mastopexie (Après)

Breast reduction: Stages of the procedure

Before a breast reduction procedure
- Two pre-operative consultations with Dr. Gianfermi.
- A consultation with an anesthesiologist.
- A mammogram and/or ultrasound will be performed.
- Before and after photos of the breast reduction will be taken. - A support bra without underwire
Breast reduction surgery
The breast procedure is performed under general anesthesia, on a seated patient in order to obtain an optimal result.
Its duration is approximately 1h30-2h.
Dr. Gianfermi uses the latest surgical techniques, thus avoiding the placement of drains.
The inverted T incision
Dr. Gianfermi uses aninverted T incision, which begins at the bottom of the areola and extends vertically down the breast tissue and along the inframammary fold.
Dr. Gianfermi's meticulous incision technique minimizes scarring.
His incisions are pencil-thin, follow the curvature of the breasts, and are hidden in the breast folds when possible.
Dr. Gianfermi uses five layers of sutures to control any tension at the bottom of the incision that might cause stretching.
This combination of techniques greatly minimizes the appearance of scarring.
Reduce breast size
Rather than simply excising triangles of excess tissue, Dr. Gianfermi shaves the fat and sculpts the breast mass to create a rounder, more natural chest with a fuller top and curved edges.
Liposuction of the armpit
Many women with larger breasts have fat buildup on the sides of the breasts that encroaches on the armpits.
This creates unsightly fat deposits around the armpit.
Dr. Gianfermi to use liposuction to eliminate the axillary fat.
In some cases, he will use direct excision to ensure total removal of fat from the axillary area.
Displacement of the nipples
The realistic appearance of the breasts depends not only on the shape but also on the position of the nipples.
Dr. Gianfermi submerges the nipple-areola complex into the breast tissue before closing the incisions.
He then has the patient sit upright (while the patient is still under anesthesia) to see how the newly sculpted breasts fall.
Dr. Gianfermi identifies the most natural location for the nipple and makes a small incision.
He then draws the nipple-areola complex out of the breast tissue and sutures it into position.

Dr. Gianfermi makes sure the nipples are in the correct position, symmetrical and round to help create a natural breast appearance. There is virtually no visible scarring with this technique.
Asymmetrical breast reduction
Asymmetrical breasts are a common problem for many women.
This condition is characterized by one breast being a different size or shape than the other.
Dr. Gianfermi can perform a breast reduction on a single breast to create more symmetrical breasts.
- Breast reduction is not a painful procedure, and the aftermath requires only simple pain medication.
- Patients can leave the next day or even the same evening of the procedure.
- Edema and bruising of the breasts appear in the following days.
- No nursing care is required after the procedure.
- The sutures are absorbable and under the skin, so no visible sutures need to be removed.

Regular consultations will be scheduled with your surgeon (usually 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year).

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