Innovation in Lipoaspiration: The Body-Jet®and the LipoCollector3®

Les avancées technologiques dans le domaine de la chirurgie esthétique ont ouvert la voie à de nouvelles méthodes plus efficaces et moins invasives pour remodeler le corps. Deux systèmes en particulier, le Body-Jet® et le LipoCollector3®, ont révolutionné la lipoaspiration et le transfert de graisse, améliorant considérablement les résultats pour les patients.

The body-jet®: Gentle and Effective Liposuction

What is the body-jet®?

The body-jet® is an innovative water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) system. Unlike traditional liposuction the body-jet® use a unique cannula system with a water-jet to gently dislodge fat cells from the surrounding tissue while at the same time suctioning the fat from the body.
The key advantage of the gentle WAL is its ability to preserve the integrity of surrounding tissues. The water-jet assisted technology minimizes trauma to the body, reducing the risk of bruising, bleeding, and post-procedure discomfort. This promotes a short recovery period
A small incision is made and a thin cannula is inserted into the area of fat to be treated. This cannula is connected to the body-jet® that sends a fan-shaped water-jet under pressure.The high-pressure water spray and the fat cells are detached from the tissue, making it easier to suction them out. Water serves to dislodge and break down fat cells without causing significant damage to surrounding tissue.
The water-jet assisted technology minimizes trauma to the body, reducing the risk of bruising, bleeding, post-procedure discomfort and recovery time.

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The high-pressure water jet helps to loosen fat cells, making it easier to suck them out. Water is used to dislodge and loosen fat cells without causing significant damage to surrounding tissue.


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Les Avantages du Body-Jet®

The Body-jet® Liposuction System offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Less traumatic to the body: The gentle water-jet assisted liposuction has the ability to preserve the integrity of surrounding tissues which minimizes trauma to the body, reducing pain and the risk of bruising, bleeding and swelling after surgery.
  2. Fast recovery: Thanks to this less invasive method, recovery time after liposuction with the body-jet® device, is generally shorter than after traditional liposuction.
  3. Improved precision: With the body-jet®, it is possible to target and remove unwanted fat deposits with maximum precision, sculpting the body to the desired shape.
  4. Enabling the reuse of fat cells: Using the body-jet® and water-jet assisted liposuction method better preserves the integrity and maximises the survival of fat cells, which means that fat cells from one part of the body can be reused for fat grafting procedures, such as lipofilling into other areas of the body. Increased safety: Body-jet®
    liposuction is often performed under local anesthesia, which eliminates the risks associated with general anesthesia
  5. Increased safety: Body-Jet® liposuction is often performed under local anaesthetic, eliminating the risks associated with general anaesthesia.

The LipoCollector3®: A High-Yield Fat Recovery System

Introducing LipoCollector3®.

LipoCollector3® is a patented system designed to optimize fat harvesting and transplantation. It enables the recovery of more and better quality fat, thus increasing the survival rate of fat cells once reinjected.

The effectiveness of LipoCollector®3

The LipoCollector3® has been the subject of numerous scientific publications proving its effectiveness. The survival rate of harvested fat cells is superior to that of standard techniques, offering better quality results, essential for slim patients.



The combination of the body-jet® and LipoCollector 3® allows optimization of both fat sampling and transfer, offering patients best possible results.


The body-jet® and LipoCollector 3® are state-of-the-art in liposuction and fat transplantation. These innovations continue to transform the patient experienceand outcomes, setting a new standard in the field of cosmetic surgery.

To learn more about the body-jet®, LipoCollector 3® and how these technologies can help you achieve your body contouring goals, please contact our team of experts.

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